Thursday, April 15, 2010

FASHION-OLOGY (fashion technology)

Hello my fellow fashionistas...

Today I will showcase a different side to Fashion Island 268. Yall know the fashion industry is always "on to the next one" so I decided to be a little techy this week and show yall some of my UBER SKILLZ (which is tech speech for "really good" skills)

I took Vista Tuneup for a little spin on my PC and I must say I'm IMPRESSED!!! Vista Tuneup Suite is a smart way to solve computer problems and protect your valuable data. The easy to use software helps you eliminate system crashes, prevent computer problems and restore your PC to a healthy state. It contains a registry cleaner/defragmenter, a duplicate file finder, a history cleaner, a HD space analyser and a host of other useful programs. This is your basic all around fixer upper... its like that awesome pair of sneakers that makes the rest of your outfit ROCK!!! Yall should give it a try because its not cool if your PC crashes while your checking out the lastest posts on my blog!!!

Here's the link: