Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One of my favorite designer MR. ERIC LEBON

Eric Lebon is a self-trained menswear designer from France who mixes Hip Hop and urban cultures with a chic, traditional style, to produce innovative collections. “I designed streetwear before I set up my own label and have a fairly urban frame of references.” Eric made his Paris début with a presentation in January 2007 at the Paris Men’s Fashion Week after being selected for the 21è International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyères. I-D magazine wrote: “Oversized and exaggerated, the collection was full off ultra-wearable pieces that also managed to look as if children had been dressed in their parent’s clothing. The mixing up continues.”

Lebon s fashion school in the 1990s was the street where he was influenced by music video, movies from New York, but also by looking at people going about their lives. He spent hours in the library reading books about different cultures, ethnic groups and their way of life. Eric discovered Jamel Shabazz and his photographs which made him love Hip Hop style and Steve McCurry made Lebon understand that difference is beautiful. For him fashion is not only about clothes, but about life.

His style is a fusion between street culture like hip Hop, African American culture and urban fashion, with upper class style and materials, European classics and traditional looks. “I see it as heritage and future mixed, a sophisticated reflection on sportswear culture shot through with the traditional chic of famous luxury brands.” His label is now stocked in Paris, London, Japan, Iceland, and Chicago.r

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